Pimp my ride 2022

I need a new bike ´brutally optimized for self supported races without UCI convention. And for me, with my bad back.


  • Aero
  • quickly accessible and rechargable food and storage room
  • storage
  • integrated lights
  • easily transportable in the plane
  • wide tires for comfort (bad back)
  • ideally suspension
  • integrated navigation placement

  • Aero concept: lotus hope fork and seatstays for vortex control, storage fully aero
  • Hydration
    • 3L
    • quickly refillable at a gas station
  • Food
    • a few bars
  • storage (4l)
    • tools (1l)
    • valueables (1l)
    • rain gear (2l)
  • removable storage (18l)
    • cold weather clothes (
    • tarp/sleeping bag
Current concept idea, as of 13.09

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